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Panglao Island Dive sites:

Danao Beach / habagat wreck

Normally you start the dive at the wreck (35m depth) and then come up along the sandy slope. It’s an ‘’s’’-shaped wall with an overhang. Under the wreck there are big lion fishes and giant frogfishes. On top of the wreck we can find tall fin bat fish swimming around.


This is a long dive site good for 2 dives. It’s a wall / slope dive and it’s connected to Danao Beach. The depth ranges between 3 – 25m. There some nice blue and table corals as well as nice sea fans. There some banded pipefishes inhabiting this area, and there are some amazing nudibranches to be find here. In the months May and June the Titan Triggerfishes can become really territorial.

Garden Eel

Garden eel a steep wall / slope dive (5 – 23m) with in the beginning a beautiful bow shaped cliff. There’s beautiful corals on top of the wall with lots of colourful small fish like the ‘’purple anthias’’. At the bottom of the sandy slope you can find lots of spotted garden eels.

House Reef Alona Beach

This beautiful house reef is right in front of our dive shop, literally 150m from the beach.

It’s a great house reef, which we also use for our nightdives. It’s full of western clown-anemonefishes, moorish idols, angelfishes and baby barracudas. During the night you have a big change of seeing boxershrimps, cleaner shrimps, decorator crabs, moray eels and pufferfishes.

BBC (Bohol Beach Club)

BBC a steep slope dive right in front of Bohol Beach Club. The most interesting part is between 7 – 15m. At the end of the dive there are 2 small jeepney car wrecks. The first 1 at lays around 10m depth with it’s roof laying next to it, the second one is turned upside down at 8m depth. There are pygmy seahorses to be find here and there are also schools of sergeant major fish.

Arco Point

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This is another really nice wall dive. The wall starts around 10m and goes to 30m+.

There are some nice overhangs and there’s also small cave. In and around the cave you can find white-eyed moray eels and it’s full of cardinal fish & sergeant major fishes.

Along the wall are groupers, wrasse, angel – and butterfly fishes. Towards the end of the dive, in the shallower part, are frogfishes and raggy scorpion fishes to be found.

Pungtud Wall

Pungtud wall starts around 4 – 50m+. Here are beautiful hard and soft corals. Lots of small fish like fusiliers, anthias and scorpion fishes. There’s also the possibility of seeing ribbon eels.

Doljo Point

This is a nice steep slope/wall dive with maximum depths exceeding the recreational depth limit. The corals are beautiful here, with many giant sea fans, bucket sponges, elephant ear coral & green leather corals. In the blue you have a changes to see schools of big-mouth mackerel, squid & young barracudas. In the shallower part you can spot many frogfishes.


Napaling is an easy wall dive (3 – 40m).

It’s a steep wall, with here & there some hangovers. During this dive you have a big chance to see young barracudas and schooling banner fish.

Cervera Shoal / Snake Island

There is often a strong current (drift dive) In this underwater shoal which starts at 8m which goes down to 30m. The place is teaming with black-white banded sea snakes.

You can also find many moray eels, like the white-eyed & the starry moray eel. There are many small fishes and nudibranches.


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Pamilican is a slope dive, the most interesting area is from 10- 20m.

It’s a nice site for making drift dives. Here are many nice coral heads & soft corals.

School of Napoleon Wrasse (also called double-headed maori wrasse), barracudas & batfishes.

Balicasag Island (divesites)

Black Forrest

Black forrest is one of the main dive sites in Balicasag Island. The top of the wall is around 9-10 meters where there are a lot of garden eels, frogfishes, lionfishes, scorpionfishes & beautiful nudibranches.

The wall than goes down to 30 meters and then slopes down to over the recreational depth limit. This site is famous for the huge school of trevally & barracuda’s. Green turtles are literally everywhere! This is the best dive site in the Bohol Triangle!

Divers Heaven

The name of this dive site says it all, this is really a ‘’divers heaven’’. This is an true aquarium with beautiful fish & corals everywhere. This is a steep slope with the top at 10m which goes down to 30m. There’s lots of green turtles to be seen here. Schools of big-mouth mackerel passing by regularly, red tooth triggerfishes and groupers are everywhere. There’s lots of macro stuff, like ghost pipefishes, banded pipefishes, leafy scorpionfishes, boxershrimps, nudibranches, …


This is a wall with big overhangs, ledges and gaps. On a sunny day beautiful light reflects inside the cathedral. The wall goes down to 45m and starts really shallow around 4-6m.

The wall and overhangs have big and colourful sea fans. Here there are lots of shrimps hiding in between the gaps, as well as moray eels. Nudibranches are scattered all over the place.

Rudy’s Rock

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Rudy’s rock is a deep drop-off wall that starts around 12m that goes down to 35m.

This wall is covered in soft and hard corals, small caverns and crevices.

The wall itself has some strong deep currents, this makes the hard and soft corals grow magnificent. The bucket sponges which attract the smaller reef fish and with them the larger schools of trevally, sweetlips and barracuda.

Rico’s wall

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This is a drop-off wall in front of Balicasag Island resort. This dive site has many small caverns, ledges and reef over-hangings.

This is a really nice wall dive with lionfishes, midnight snappers and many different kinds of sweetlip fishes.